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Key Areas of Expertise
The Services We Provide

For law firms and solicitors that represent bicycle accident victims, bicycle shops and cycling-related companies and organisations, we offer consultation on issues involving bicycle accidents and bicycle maintenance, including:


  • Mechanical failure of bicycles and their parts

  • Personal injury & fatal accidents involving cyclists

  • Cycling technique and proficiency

  • Bicycle maintenance, poor or incomplete repairs.

  • Improper assembly of the bicycle 

  • Defective manufacturing of the bicycle and/or parts


We provide technical investigations, analysis, reports, and testimony to assist in dispute resolution relating to cycling. 


  • Case evaluation from a cycling perspective and pre-trial consultation

  • Written detailed reports deciding on fault contributions. 

  • On-site investigation

  • Preparation and presentation of evidence in court.

Bicycle Types

Mountain, road, cyclocross, triathlon, juvenile, folding, touring, single speed, fixed gear, electric assisted (e-bikes), bike share and fleet bikes. 

Examples of Instruction and Determination

Cycle & Equipment Faults

Bicycle fork failure; determined failure of the forks was caused by multiple accidents and not a construction failure. 


A fault with aero bars, determined there was a product failure of the part which caused the accident. 


Road Cases

Bicycle accident; fatality; determined crash was not as a result of a faulty assembly of the inner tube.


Bicycle accident: determined cause of the crash was a trap in a road surface defect causing the rider to be unseated.  Damage to cycle was consistent with it being stopped suddenly and not by a slip on the road surface. David Robinson V Scottish Borders (PD1637/15)


Off-Road Cases

Cyclist fell after chain jammed; advised would not support liability against the bike shop as more likely to be rider error.


Cyclist fell after back wheel released causing a jam; determined more likely to be a failure to adequately maintain equipment. 


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